I went for my initial acupuncture session with Elizabeth at Wellness Roots. First off, I have a fear of needles which was not triggered at all by the experience. I had no idea what to expect but was extremely happy with the outcome of my initial session. It was not only deeply relaxing but the sense of relaxation, wellbeing and peace stayed with me even into the next day. Having had some significant injuries in the past, I found the areas being "activated" were right on target with where my body and emotions needed healing and release. The process was comfortable and Elizabeth is extremely courteous and professional. She made initial recommendations which have already proven helpful and she is able to skillfully create a calm, healing atmosphere to explore underlying causes for discomfort and disease so that the energy can be cleared and healed. I can't wait to return to continue treatment as I am confident it will be making a big impact on my energy level and wellness.  Thanks Elizabeth!

- Angela K.

          I've had the pleasure of getting several massages from Liz. Her healing hands have relieved the aches and pains of pregnancy, post-partum and everyday life tensions that have manifested into knots and pain in my back and neck. The minute you walk into her office, you feel relaxed and welcomed. Liz is very friendly, knowledgable, and tuned into the needs of her client. She checks in with you, asks for feedback and makes sure you are getting a quality experience. Through my sessions with Liz, I've come to trust in the healing power of massage. Thank you Liz! 

-  Heather Eckert

          I’ve been a regular patient at Wellness Roots from its inception and cannot say enough how delighted I am with Liz and her practice.  I’ve been rejuvenated by deep tissue massage on my tender legs after scaling high peaks this winter.  She returned me from a painful waddle back to a normal gait after one session!  Her treatments have also been instrumental in keeping neck pain at bay. I hit a windshield with my head in serious car accident, decades ago, leaving me with frequent pain and loss of motion.  She’s been able to loosen me up and greatly improve my quality of living on a day to day basis both with massage and acupuncture.  

          Speaking of that, my favorite of all her wares is acupuncture. It’s a treatment I’ve always been curious about.  I started out as a skeptic (how can poking me with teeny needles do anything?) but I came in with an open mind and after experiencing it I have to admit that I’m hooked.  So much so that I’ve come to make it a weekly affair.  Over the winter, she alleviated the symptoms of a severe head and chest cold that had me down for the count.  I’m a frequent business traveler, and I always look forward to coming home to see Liz and let her get me back centered through the jet lag and typical bodily upset of skipping through time zones. 

          Along with her technical prowess, Liz is a warm and generous healer.  Her bedside manner is sweet and attentive. She always takes the time to clearly answer all my questions in terms I can understand, and her exuberance for her craft bubbles up so much it’s contagious.  The space she has created for treatments is so cozy, I may have dozed off (and snored!) I was so comfortable. I am so pleased to have a resource like this and a gem like Liz here in our little Capital District neighborhood.  

- Krissy Krumm

Liz and her practice, Wellness Root , have made a significant positive impact on my wellbeing.

           I’ve had acupuncture a few times over the years but none of those experiences was as effective or comfortable as my experience working with Liz has been.  Liz is warm, professional and knowledgeable. She takes her time every session to take a full inventory of where I am physically and emotionally and also explains the process and philosophy behind the treatments.  She’s energetic and enthusiastic about developing treatments to address my issues as they morph, ebb and flow and I appreciate her openness with her knowledge and in explaining why some treatments are being applied and when. It’s important to me to feel like I am part of the process and Liz not only encourages feedback but thrives on it and uses it to inform her process.

           When I finally started seeing Liz about six months ago I was in a lot of pain and for many weeks had only been able to sleep for two to three hours a night.  The night of my third acupuncture session with her I slept straight through the night and through my alarm the next morning! I have been sleeping well ever since and the pain that caused it is being managed very well through a combination of acupuncture and therapeutic massage. 

          Being able to see one practitioner, in the same place for so many facets of treatment is not just convenient (which it really is for the working mother of a young child), it also brings a real continuity to the treatment as a whole. I look forward to spending time in the cozy and welcoming treatment rooms and at this point I have a favorite which Liz is mindful to have available for me every week.  Ultimately, I went to Liz to help me with one specific issue and she was successful but along the way she has improved much more. 

 - Gwyn M.

          I’ve been seeing Liz at Wellness Roots for about 6 months for acupuncture treatments for migraines. I’ve been dealing with migraines for twenty years, and before starting acupuncture treatments, I usually had 5-10 per month.

          I try to do all the right things to limit migraines—drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest and exercise, not drinking red wine or eating bleu cheese (which I love!), etc.—but before seeing Liz, I still ended up taking strong medication to treat my migraines. Sometimes one dose was enough, sometimes I needed more. And the side effects from the medication caused plenty of problems by themselves—body aches, severe drowsiness, slurred speech and/or confusion—not very fun.

          I’m a big baby when it comes to needles (I faint every time I try to give blood) and I hesitated for a really long time before scheduling my first appointment... and it turns out acupuncture is nothing to worry about. To me, each pin feels like a tiny, not-unpleasant static shock… if I feel them at all! Liz is so quick and so good about distracting me when she’s putting them in that I often don’t feel them at all. And after they’re in, I don’t feel them at all. The entire process is surprisingly relaxing, and I always leave feeling refreshed and alert.

          Since starting acupuncture treatments, my migraines have dropped to around 3-4 a month, and the duration is much shorter than they used to be.

          In my eyes, Liz is a born healer. She’s helped reduce my migraines in a way that I hadn’t been able to do in two decades of traditional medicine and lifestyle adjustments. She’s created a true place of recovery and restoration with Wellness Roots Healing Arts, and I cannot recommend her enough! 

-  Anonymous

      Elizabeth takes the time to make her patients feel comfortable and explain treatments. She is dedicated to making her patients feel healthy and happy! Her acupuncture treatments are improving my health greatly. I would highly recommend her services.

-  Jessica

Liz has a wonderfully warm and compassionate presence and has excellent skills as an acupuncturist. I've been treated by probably a dozen acupuncturists over the last three decades so I've gained some discernment about the relative expertise of practitioners.

- Gabrielle

Liz was warm and welcoming, her environment was relaxing and clean. This was my very first time having acupuncture, and she thoroughly explained the entire process as well as any sensations I may experience. Am looking forward to my next session!

- Pam Formica


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