Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Having been practiced in China for over 2,000 years, rather than thinking of Acupuncture as alternative medicine, it would be more appropriate to think of it as "The Original Medicine."  

The Ancient Chinese discovered the relationship between "Qi" (the life force energy found in all living things and in nature) and health and illness.  When Qi is abundant and flowing properly, there is health, good energy, sound sleep, and overall well-being of the body-mind-spirit. When Qi is low or unable to flow properly, it may lead to pain, fatigue, poor sleep, physical illness, and emotional stress.

Today, the same basic principle -- that the root of all illnesses, even the most chronic and complex of modern diseases, involves an issue with the Qi -- guides the work of your acupuncturist.

By gently inserting fine, sterilized, single-use needles into points on the surface of the body, the acupuncturist works towards regulating the Qi of the body and bringing the body-mind-spirit back into balance.  

Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive health care system, which in addition to Acupuncture also includes Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, Qi Gong (focused meditative breathing exercises), Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), Fire Cupping, and GuaSha (a manual therapy that uses a smooth-edge tool to scrape the skin and promote blood flow and healing to injured areas).