About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is essential to self-care practices aimed at reducing pain and muscular tension, recovering from physical injuries, reducing stress and fatigue, enhancing energy, and promoting overall health and wellness.  A massage therapy session can focus on general relaxation and stress relief,  a specific therapeutic goal such as relieving back pain, or both. 

Wellness Roots Healing Arts offers a variety of massages from which to choose, and we will work with you to customize your massage session to meet your own unique needs and preferences.  

Massage Therapy Services



“The Relaxation Massage”

A full body massage focused on relieving overall muscle tension, improving circulation, and promoting relaxation.  A Swedish Massage utilizes light to medium pressure.



“The Therapeutic Massage”

A therapeutic massage focused on relieving specific muscular tension and pain, correcting postural imbalances, and restoring function. A Deep Tissue massage utilizes deeper and more focused pressure than a Swedish Massage in order to address the deepest layers of muscles, tendons, and the fascia. Techniques such as Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy are often utilized during a session.



Can't decide whether you need a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage? Get a blend of both! This integrative massage is both functionally therapeutic and deeply relaxing.



Designed to pamper Mom, while addressing common issues of pregnancy including back pain, hip pain, neck stiffness, leg cramps, tired feet, and edema (swelling). 



Oncology Massage is for people during any stage of of their cancer treatment, those in recovery, as well as those who are at the end of life.



Tuina is Chinese Medical Massage, which is able to address musculoskeletal issues as well as other health concerns such as asthma. Tuina is delivered on a massage table with the patient fully-clothed. Tuina is wonderful for all ages from babies to adults. 

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